Sufi Plug Ins were included in the 2012 Istanbul Design Biennial.

NPR’s national news program All Things Considered recently ran a piece on Sufi Plug Ins, called ‘Translation Software for Music Makers.’

Art Fag City, Paddy Johnson – A Synth That Stops To Pray: DJ /rupture’s Sufi Plug Ins

Jace Clayton (DJ /rupture) just released his Sufi Plug Ins v1.0, and it’s one of the few digital tools I’ve seen that I would also consider art. It’s a tool that is not only designed to help musicians make new sounds, but also to self-consciously influence what is produced. Interface design decisions are guided both by functionality concerns and the creative expression of its maker.

SPIN, Philip Sherburne – DJ Rupture Hacks Western Musical Institutions

Create Digital Music, Peter Kirn – Sound With a Dose of Mysticism: Upcoming Sufi Plugs Explore Tonality, Call to Prayer, Drones

Ableton –
Explore North African Music with Max For Live: Sufi Plug Ins

It’s safe to say that the Sufi Plug-Ins are one of the most ambitious and unusual projects that we’ve seen from the robust Max for Live community.

Electronic Beats magazine (Germany), article scan, online version