Sufi Plug Ins - screenshot with rollover poetry
1. Do Sufi Plug Ins work with Live 9?
Yes! We’re particularly excited about this, since Max4Live is now included with Live 9 Suite.

2. Why ‘Sufi’?
The title is an homage to several Moroccan Sufi musicians we’ve worked with over the years who influenced our thinking about musicianship & sound itself, as well as a way of foregrounding the complex but largely unremarked relationship between faith and technology. We’re fascinated with how digital environments encode cultural values and beliefs by conditioning choices and framing possibilities. For example, If Apple is a secular religion, selling contemporary magic, then should that change the way we feel about – and engage with – its operating system? The spirit of Sufi aphorisms, we hope, is manifest in these plug-ins. At a literal level, many of the roll-over infotexts come from Sufi verse.

3. Will you release versions of the plug ins for ProTools / Linux / etc.?
This is currently an all-volunteer project. We build them initially for Ableton Live, and after that our main priority is getting them into the VST formats to be compatible with Cubase & Fruity Loops, since those are the two pieces of music software programs most widely used in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. If you have the programming skills to help us port SPIs to Linux- or ProTools-friendly formats, please get in touch.

4. Any technical questions about SUFI PLUG INS, ask here.

5. For more information on the background & thinking behind Sufi Plug Ins, please check out this post on Jace Clayton’s blog.

6. If you make something with these, would we like to hear it? Yes, we would. Use the following form to get in touch:[si-contact-form form=’1′]