Sufi-Plug-Ins - Ableton Live 8 -screenshot - Arrangement ViewSUFI PLUG INS v.1 run in Ableton Live (Max for Live required).

This download is an Ableton Live Pack (ALP file) that contains a demo song. The ALP file decompresses to give you all 7 Sufi Plug In AMXD files and a folder of presets for the Khomasi synth by Nathan Chojnacki. It is 1.9MB in size.

You can also download the individual plug-ins from here.

If you make nice synth presets or rack devices using these, please let us know!

We are working to make SUFI PLUG INS available as VSTs, and are building another set of SUFI PLUG INS with new functionality.

If you have technical questions, ask them here. For all other inquiries, consult the FAQ.

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